Easy screenshot API

Easy to use

Get started in minutes. Simple REST API to integrate in your Rails, Node or other projects.

Pay only for usage

Pay only for actual usage instead of monthly subscription bleeding your money.

Advanced features

Finer control including timeout, agent on the browser being used to capture the screenshot.

Easy to Use API

Easy to use from almost any language

                                            curl http://api.octopic.in/api/screenshot \
                                            -d url=http://www.nyt.com/ \
                                            -d width=1500 \
                                            -d height=900 \
                                            -d ua=chrome

Fetch any webpage

Easy to use options. View all options.

Pixxett automatically handles renewals

Once you've added a customer to a plan, Pixxett automatically handles charging your user based on the billing cycle you've set up.


Constant price of USD 1 for 1000 requests

Need custom pricing?

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